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Analysis for 2016 LED tube market

2016 is a tough year for all kinds of products, leading many companies closed the door and the closed state, LED lamp market, too. As for China policy led lighting gradually introduced, many export-oriented enterprises will be fought in the Chinese domestic market, the traditional lighting companies will also have transformation led lighting. Since 2013, the industry led the economy began to pick up, a few years ago led lamp 5W price is 3-4 times the same brightness, energy-saving lamps, but in recent years, led lamp price at a rate of about 30% per year decline in costs Heavy, 2013 led to the end-product prices basically unchanged energy-saving lamps, led industry is expected to enter the stage of a comprehensive alternative to traditional lighting products.


In recent years, with the strengthening of awareness of energy conservation, as well as increased demand for Smart Displays, boom led industry continued to rise. The industry is widely expected, led lamp market demand is expected to maintain rapid growth in three years. Preferred win production led lamp products made CE, LVD, FCC and RoHS certification, selling more than 30 provinces and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Since its inception, with the advantage led lamp prices and strict working attitude, strong technical support and sincere cooperation, improve the human services and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the industry won a good reputation and credibility .


The led tube of Zhangjiagang Yangming Electric Light Source Technology Co., Ltd. Still competitive. in the industry as a whole is still very competitive. The company has a sound R & D and testing equipment, and well versed in the relevant domestic and international lighting standards, with keen market sense and a strong R & D capabilities unique in the industry, and has a group of experienced design to complete diverse technical team, responsible for more government scientific and technological projects. Responsibility to create a win-win situation with the new lighting concept led lighting era, truly environmentally friendly, real energy, real money, take the initiative to promote energy-saving!


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